Front-End Developer

Front-End Developer

The tasks we will trust you with:

  • Implementing designs using company brand book that look good on a variety of browsers and email clients;
  • Customizing and maintaining widgets that are used by hundreds of thousands of users;
  • Migrating legacy stacks to modern technologies without disrupting user experience and business continuity.

You’re the one we’re looking for if:

  • You have strong knowledge of JavaScript (modern ES standards, inheritance model, etc.) and JavaScript tooling (bundlers, minifiers, CDNs);
  • You have experience with grid systems and CSS preprocessors;
  • You have advanced debugging skills;
  • You’re updated on industry trends (new technologies, solutions, approaches, etc.) and their applicability;
  • You have good critical thinking and problem-solving skills and suggest optimal solutions to challenging tasks;
  • Both your verbal and written communications skills are good;
  • You’re an eager learner, open to new information and constructive feedback;
  • You're a reliable person, able to work both independently and as a team (e.g. mentor colleagues via pairing, demos and code reviews).

Bonus skills:

  • Experience with Backbone/Marionette/jQuery;
  • Experience with CoffeeScript;
  • Experience working on backend;
  • Familiar with Ruby programming language.

Salt Edgers love working here because:

  • We get full training and peer-to-peer feedback every step of the way;
  • We have generous room for growth and we benefit from regular trainings, courses, and certifications;
  • We are members of Moldova IT Park. We are offered competitive salary, attractive benefits, paid vacations, as well as performance-based bonuses and the unique opportunity to acquire stock options;
  • We are privileged to work directly with Tier 1 banks, credit bureaus, credit card companies;
  • To insure our comfort, the office hours allow both early and late mornings: 9:00 - 18:00 or 10:00 - 19:00 (Monday - Friday), as well as remote work if necessary;
  • We enjoy working in a friendly, supportive and highly-motivating international corporate culture and we have our share of fun during weekly Happy Hour, games, outings, team buildings;
  • We’re never short of tasty snacks, beverages, great lunch deals, as well as awesome gym discounts to help burn the treats off;
  • We are taken care of and valued here!

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