Bug Bounty Program


Security Through Collaboration

Salt Edge truly believes that collaborating closely with experienced security researchers from across the globe is an essential part of identifying and mitigating security vulnerabilities in Salt Edge infrastructure. Therefore, Salt Edge is happy to reward the researchers that have identified original and previously unreported vulnerabilities.
The following domains fall under Salt Edge Bug Bounty scope: .saltedge.com, www.saltedge.com and docs.saltedge.com. If you believe to have found a security vulnerability in the above mentioned domains, we encourage you to notify us and we will carefully review it. While the other domains do not fall under this scope, reward might be paid on a case by case basis.

Vulnerability Reports:

Please meet the following requirements when submitting your report:

Information Covered in Report:

Please provide as much information as possible in the report, including:

Issue Description

Proof of Concept


The report should be submitted to security@saltedge.com in English. A member of the Salt Edge Security Team will carefully review your email and contact you to collaborate on resolving the issue.

The security@saltedge.com email address should only be used for reporting security issues.

If two or more researchers happen to find the same bug, the bounty will be paid only to the one whose submission came in first. Payment will be done only via PayPal.

By submitting your report, you confirm that you meet each of the below requirements:

Report a Vulnerability