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Our Team

The main value of the company are the people who make a significant contribution to the development of the company’s products and services. The Salt Edge Team is a close-knit group of colleagues who are looking for the best solutions to different tasks with great enthusiasm and accuracy.

Our IT department consists of experienced programmers, developers, designers, testers, and devops. We are committed to providing opportunities for our customers and clients throughout their financial lives. Each team member brings the expertise, judgment, leadership, and diversity of thought required to make responsible decisions for all of our stakeholders. We care about security and privacy of all our clients, this being one of the main priorities.

Dmitrii Barbasura

The mastermind behind Salt Edge. A busy 21st century developer who creates helpful APIs for people willing to improve their financial lifestyle and boost their businesses.

Nicu Rotaru

Farsighted and well-organized developer who turns Ruby magic into great web applications.

Iulia Martinenco

Friendly and energetic customer communication manager with great attention to detail and personal creative approach to the tasks at hand.

Ivan Danci

Efficient and highly organized Ruby back-end developer adapting latest technologies for effective app creation.

Vladimir Pîntea

Experienced Ruby back-end developer keeping data safe and secure. Making systems communicate efficiently and flawlessly.

Dmitrii Tsap

System administrator maintaining a stable environment to allow for the developers' stretch of the imagination

Liliana Tataru

Responsive and helpful support hero taking each email personally and ready to solve any problem.

Eduard Macarov

Dedicated and resourceful Ruby developer constantly in search of new ways of simplifying the workflow.