Press kit

The company

Salt Edge started in 2013 as a startup with a small team of passionate developers. Since then it has made great progress, constantly developing its potential and experience. Now it’s a leading international fintech company, having Raiffeisen Bank and Bank of America among its 2500+ providers.

The company brings innovation that upends the idea of technological progress for banks, credit unions, mortgage and loan providers, accounting companies and many other business clients in UK, Russia and 50+ more countries.

Salt Edge considers its mission to provide holistic and easily integrable technology and service solutions, thus contributing to the best possible results for our clients.

Our team

The most valuable company asset is the team, each of its members being an outstanding personality and professional, who contributes to the development of the company’s products and services. Salt Edge people are always eager to find the best solutions for different projects, paying serious attention to details. The expertise and experience of each and every member of the Salt Edge team is at our clients’ service.

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