Priora PSD2 Solution

Priora API is a universal PSD2 compliant solution which delivers open banking in a cost and time efficient manner. Being the pinnacle of Salt Edge technology, it sets the standard for PSD2 solutions, putting the banks in a position of control

Accelerate with digital innovation

Priora platform is enhanced with Account Information API, as well as with Payment Transaction API. Consolidate the opportunities of AISP and PISP roles - customer’s financial data aggregation in one place (AISP role) and facilitated inter-account and inter-bank transfers (PISP role) - and control the majority of online banking interactions undertaken by the customer. Take a powerful position by becoming the primary aggregator of financial data for the customer and benefit from expanding the relationships with the clients.

Establish reliable business-developer relationship

Leverage API exposure to innovate around the customer digital purchasing experience by providing payment offerings to retailers and third party services that can be embedded into their apps. Create a secure intermediated digital payment ecosystem and facilitate the payment ​process performed through regulated third parties to encourage your customer loyalty.

Developer enablement tools

Offer extended documentation to ease developer’s navigation and Salt Edge Sandbox environment to drive the partner’s adoption. Delight your partners with a steady API performance that enables a straightforward API consumption and at the same time ensures a secure integration within authorized guidelines with the customer’s account through API.