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Focus on your Payment Initiation Service and let us take care of your API connections to EU banks.

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Payment Initiation

From Problems to Opportunities

PSD2 and Open Banking are fundamentally reshaping the payment industry by opening the way to innovation, transparency, and security within the payment flow.

PISP Opportunities

One Integration, Thousands of Connections


By using Salt Edge API, any authorized PISP can get instant access to all available payment initiation APIs in any bank across all the EU countries. By integrating just one API, you get access to thousands of bank connections. You will be able to provide fast payment services via Open Banking and PSD2 channels. Your end-customers can pay from the account of their choice, using their familiar banking authentication methods.

Salt Edge takes care of all your technical connections to banks, helping you to focus on your core business.

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Technical Integration Between Parties

The communication between involved parties occurs via APIs. This makes the payment process seamless and fast. In the new payment chain, Salt Edge becomes the connection point between PISP and thousands of banks across EU. Salt Edge provides PISP with complete documentation and a Sandbox for testing.

Banks <--> Payment Gateway <--> PISP <--> Merchants

All 4 Authorization Options Supported

Salt Edge API supports all 4 types of authorization, depending on bank requirements.


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Key Benefits from Partnership with
Salt Edge

Onboarding and Integration

  • Multiple API standards supported
  • Seamless integration of 1000+ Bank APIs
  • Assist with PISP onboarding (6000+ banks across EU)
  • Sandbox environment and detailed API documentation
  • Available templates for all the possible payment types (depending on each bank)
  • Valuable industry knowledge of 5 years in Open Banking API business

Maintenance and Monitoring

  • PISP Monitoring Dashboard
  • 24/7 Banks’ APIs monitoring & connection updates
  • 24/7 Incident Resolution Channel
  • Continuous infrastructure maintenance (security, compliance, certifications, etc.)
  • Costs covered in case of an error on Salt Edge side

By Developers for Developers

Developers Layer-1 Layer-2

Salt Edge technology is built with the developer's convenience in mind. The PISP gets access to a Testing Environment with Demo Banks where all possible scenarios of authentication, connection, error handling, various payment flows, and data exchange flows are emulated. Therefore, the PISP's developers will be able to test different datasets and verify any scenario even before going Live.

The easy-to-use and intuitive Client Dashboard allows PISPs to monitor all end-customers’ activities, as well as their bank connections and their availability. It has role-based access control and a built-in support channel for secure and fast communication between PISP and Salt Edge.

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Security and Certification

Salt Edge is a leading global financial provider that adheres to the highest international standards of privacy and security. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, as well as PCI DSS compliant. Salt Edge performs regular internal and external vulnerability assessments executed by certified security service providers.


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