Frequently Asked Questions

What are Salt Edge’s products?

Spectre API — a financial data aggregation and enrichment API, which provides software developers with an easy and secure method to integrate the customer's financial data to their apps.

Fentury White Label — a solution which includes a Personal Finance Manager (PFM), Omnichannel E-Banking, Online Client Support, and a wide range of analytical tools, that open new possibilities for targeted marketing and sales.

Priora PSD2 Technical Solution — a cloud service that provides secure, ready-to-use APIs which include back-end technologies, to help banks become compliant with PSD2 technical requirements.

What is Spectre API?

Spectre API is a global innovative financial data aggregation service. We employ cutting-edge technologies in order to retrieve financial data and deliver it to clients applications in a simple, standardized format. You can read more about us here.

Who uses Spectre API?

Spectre API drives innovations that transform experiences for our clients worldwide, including personal financial management (PFM), accounting, banks, credit unions and thrifts, billers, mortgage lenders and leasing companies, brokerage and investment firms and other business clients. Spectre API was created by developers for developers. Our clean and easy-to-use JSON API lets you focus on delivering great features. Forget about the headaches with inconsistent APIs – connect and start providing more value to your customers in less than 5 minutes. Check out our Guides and API reference.

How many financial institutions does Spectre API support?

Spectre API supports 5024 financial institutions (banks, credit organizations and other).

What type of information does Spectre API provide?

Spectre API provides information about accounts, transactions and details on account’s holder (KYC).

How do I start? Where can I get help?

Please start by requesting a demo of the desired product. We've compiled and are constantly updating an extensive detailed Guide and API Reference to make the integration process as easy as possible. In case you are not able to locate anything in the Documentation, feel free to use the Contact Us form to get in touch with our helpful support team, or drop an email to

How do I pay you?

We aim to provide our customers with competitive prices on the Services we offer. Spectre API will send you a monthly invoice for all Customer Data API & Services. Prior to submitting your order you will have the opportunity to review service price and any applicable fees.

Why should I trust you?

Salt Edge understands that privacy and security of your customer's personal financial data is of the outmost importance. The information that we will get from their financial institutions will remain strictly confidential. The imported financial data will be not used for anything other than providing and maintaining Salt Edge services. Read more about our security measures here: Bank Level Security. You can also check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Can I test Spectre’s data and products?

In order to start testing Spectre API, you have to send a demo request and then you will be contacted by our representative with further instructions.

Once I’ve tested Spectre API, how do I upgrade to a production-level account?

Please check the Before going Live guide where you can find all the requirements you have to meet to upgrade your account.

I have a mobile app, can I use Spectre API?

You can use Spectre services whether you have a web, mobile, desktop app or all of them. We have developed iOS and Android SDKs to make the integration process for mobile apps much easier and smooth. Learn more about it from our docs:

What will my users see? Will they need to go to a different page?

We have developed our own Connect Page to which you can redirect your end users from web, mobile and desktop apps effortlessly. You can create your own connect page and link it directly to our API as well.

Does Spectre API support Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

Yes, it does. Spectre API supports MFA, e.g. hardware tokens, SMS codes, mobile OTPs, CAPTCHA-s and anti-phishing pictures.

Can I use Salt Edge to import my bank statements?

Yes, your users can automatically import financial data from more than 2000 banks, e-wallets and other financial institutions all around the world. See the full list of supported countries and providers here: Countries. We support bank statements file import in such formats as XLS, CSV, OFX, QIF, SWIFT and others. Furthermore your customers can make a suggestion to add new financial institutions by submitting a request form. We are constantly extending our list of supported providers, adding new banks on a weekly basis.

Your page says you support bank X, but when my users tried to connect it, I saw an error. What happened?

There may be some cases when the bank server is temporarily unavailable or provider is changing its interface or some other issue may occur that triggers the said error. For troubleshooting any issues related to internet banking feature we have created the Salt Edge Q&A Platform. In case your customer will have an issue with a bank account, transaction, or other information that require some confidential data, they can contact us using the Contact form and our Customer Support team will get back to them as soon as possible. If the issue occurs on the Connection Stage, your customers can get in touch with our Support team directly using "Report a problem" form. Read more about our Q&A Platform here.

Does using Spectre API violate Bank's Terms and Conditions?

No, it doesn’t. Customer takes all the responsibility for using Spectre (check End Users License Terms).

How Spectre API accesses bank data? Does Salt Edge have agreements with all supported banks?

There are several technologies used for data aggregation: screen scraping, direct connect via OFX protocol, direct connect via HBCI protocol, connection to OAuth-supporting providers and file import. Thus, the bank’s agreement is not required.

How many months of transaction history can I access?

By default Spectre API returns the last 2 months of account and transactions history.

How long it takes to import the data?

Depends on the provider and the amount of imported data. Usually it takes from several seconds to a couple of minutes.

Does Spectre API support importing credit cards, term deposits, mortgages?

Yes, it does.

When bank introduces a change how long does it take for Spectre API to catch up?

Depends on the complexity of the changes that were made in bank’s interface. Usually the adjustments are made within few hours.

Can I safely assume Spectre API can add support for any online bank in the World?

First you have to submit a bank request, then we analyze the possibility of integrating the suggested bank. The answer is positive if there are no technical impediments for its implementation and you are ready to assist us by joining New Banks Integration Program.

Is Salt Edge Connect page customizable?

Yes, it is.

Can I import data periodically in the background to update my application while end-users are offline?

Yes, it can be done for all providers that don’t require MFA and can be refreshed automatically.

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