Salt Edge Startup Program

Salt Edge started as a small company with a team of professionals full of enthusiasm and driven by innovation. Now it’s a fast growing and constantly developing international FinTech provider. We are very grateful to all the companies and people who’ve helped and are still helping us in our goal to make this world a financially better place. In its turn, Salt Edge is happy to help the startup community. We are inspired to support startups because we are aware of the difficulties they encounter on their way to success. We know how much persistence and effort it takes to build an outstanding and scalable product and are eager to offer solutions that facilitate development and accelerate growth.

Let us introduce the Salt Edge Startup Program. We know the value of money and advice, and completely understand that any guidance and opportunity to save funds is of great importance for a newborn startup. Here are the benefits you’ll get with the Salt Edge Startup Program:

  • Free testing environment
  • 6 months FREE live Spectre API access*
  • $500 Setup Fee (instead of standard fee)
  • Free basic support (email, issue tracking system, forum)
  • Fake providers for easy integration and testing
  • Account statistics: customers and logins statistics, connection attempts, etc.
  • Salt Edge Connect  for fast integration
  • Mobile SDKs
  • Documentation with extensive guides and Spectre API Reference
  • Examples in different languages: Java, Python, .Net, etc.

To qualify for this program, startups have to be in the process of developing a product that has not gone live yet. Upon signing a collaboration agreement with Salt Edge, the startup will get access to the Spectre bank feed API resources. The standard fees for Spectre API services will apply beginning with the seventh month from agreement signing date. Your participation in the Salt Edge Startup Program has to be mentioned in your app/product (e.g., on the “About” page).

Our proposal for startups is in line with our key conception: to enable startups to focus on code and business growth, with no need to puzzle over platform, infrastructure and tools. Now startups can benefit from using the same powerful infrastructure Salt Edge uses and go live easier and faster.

* Within the Salt Edge Startup Program Spectre API allows fetching accounts and transactions data for the standard historical period of up to 2 months. Any requests for extended historical periods, additional features, or custom development will be subject to relevant fees set by Salt Edge and invoiced accordingly. If during the first 6 months the number of startup’s end users reaches 5,000 the standard fees for Spectre API services will automatically be applied.