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Salt Edge provides a wide range of services to financial industry players, starting from PSD2 Compliance Solution, Account Information and Payment Initiation APIs, Data Enrichment Platform, and many other financial products for those seeking a truly innovative mobile banking experience.

1. Comply with PSD2
2. Connect to Open Banking APIs
3. Enrich the Raw Data
4. Become an Everyday Bank

Comply with PSD2 and Open Banking

Comply with PSD2

Salt Edge helps banks to become fully compliant with PSD2 and Open Banking in a matter of months. Salt Edge creates the AISP and PISP APIs on behalf of the banks, provides a TPP Management Dashboard, a Consent Management System, as well as a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) Solution to meet all the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) requirements.

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Get Access to Unified Open Banking API

Connect to Account Information and Payment Initiation channels of all banks within the EU via Salt Edge API to gain access to account’s data on balances, transaction history, and payment initiation. Salt Edge handles all the banking APIs and Direct Access connections. In case some banking APIs aren’t working as expected, Salt Edge provides its clients with a back-up channel, ensuring access to end-customer data at any time.

Access to Unified Open Banking API

Provide Global Access with Salt Edge Data Aggregation API

Global Access

Salt Edge provides access to over 5000 financial institutions in 50+ countries, allowing your end-customers to connect all their accounts no matter where they are.

Enrich the Raw Data

The API Hub includes enrichment services, such as Personal and Business Categorization, Merchant Identification, Financial Insights for lending and many other unique product features.

Banks might get access to these additional services on demand. Salt Edge also makes available banking added-value services upon their launching, thus becoming a one-stop-shop for any bank interested in getting the most out of Open Banking and going even further.

Data Enrichment

Improve User Experience with White Label PFM

User Experience

Become a bank of choice for your customers by going beyond traditional retail banking - create your own PFM app for managing finances in one place. Allow your users to connect all the bank accounts held in other financial institutions and unlock the power of open banking. Offer your end-customers complete control over their personal finances by providing a set of tools: Budgeting, Saving Goals, Financial Calendar, Advanced Reports, Advice & Notifications, etc. Give them a reason to engage with your app on a daily basis, raise their trust by providing helpful notifications, and improve customer satisfaction with useful advice and insights to help them take their financial health to a higher level and keep it in check.

White Label PFM can also be equipped with payment initiation capabilities enabling end-customers to move funds from their accounts in any EU bank institutions, directly from your PFM app.

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Security and Certification

Salt Edge is a leading global financial provider that adheres to the highest international standards of privacy and security. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, as well as PCI DSS compliant. Salt Edge performs regular internal and external vulnerability assessments executed by certified security service providers.


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