Solutions for Payment Initiation

Salt Edge offers you an implementation-ready Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP) platform. By using Salt Edge API you'll receive instant access to all the banks that are part of the Salt Edge network, which will grant you the biggest EU banking coverage. Offer the bank's direct payment methods to your merchant or corporate customers by using this real-time payment gateway.

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Integrate Open Banking and PSD2

Salt Edge's Payment Initiation Service platform comes embedded with PSD2 specifications, being compliant. Upgrade your business by adding a secure and trusted payment initiation with direct connection to your customer’s account.

You can also add Quick Checkout to your existing PISP's checkout possibilities, or simply add it to the merchant's checkout page directly.

  • Real-time payment gateway
  • Instant confirmation of funds transfer for consumers
  • Instant confirmation of funds receipt for merchants
  • Unified API interface
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PISP - Secured by Tokens

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Our PISP solution comes with the Tokenization feature.
By implementing this widget you gain the possibility to authorize payments through smart tokens. When a customer wants to make a purchase, after he clicks the designated button, PISP will request a smart token. When the request is accepted, a token with the terms and conditions of this specific purchase will be generated.

Afterwards, PISP presents the token to the customer's bank and requests the necessary amount to be transferred. This starts a payment procedure from the customer's bank to the merchant's bank.

How integration works

We provide a lean and simple API, accompanied by explicit and detailed documentation with a wide variety of examples in different programming languages. A friendly testing environment, equipped with demo providers make the integration process extremely time effective. On an average, the following 5 integration steps only take a couple of weeks:

  • Register as an PISP As per the European Banking Authority, it is mandatory to be registered as a Payment Initiation Service Provider. More details can be found on the EBA website.
  • Contact Salt Edge Inc. Registering is as easy as making an API call. We will provide you with detailed documentation and a testing environment.
  • Integrate our PISP Solution Begin the integration process by adding our tokenized payment feature to your gateway.
  • Test Check how the integration went in a safe demo environment and on a couple of test customers.
  • Go live and reap the benefits Present your full customer base with the opportunity to enjoy quick and secure payments to the fullest.

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