for Banks

Get ready for PSD2 with our universal solution, equipped for any and all challenges that may arise during the compliance process.

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for Lenders

Streamline client identification and loan processing by merging your platform with our cutting-edge tools and technology.

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for FinApps

Stand out from your competition with market ready financial tools, developed with the user in mind.

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For Payment Initiation

Establish a market-leading position in Payment Initiation Service by connecting to thousands of financial institutions.

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Spectre API is an advanced financial data aggregation and enrichment engine. Our API provides you with global leading coverage, being connected to over 2500 financial institutions in 55 countries. It will show you insights into your customer’s transaction history, as well categorize his transaction with the help of an innovative transaction categorization engine based on self-learning machine algorithms.

By implementing Spectre you’d enable yourself to benefit from a wide array of additional services which can be added after or during the integration process. Services like credit scoring, KYC facilitation, and digital identification are just a couple of things which can be added to revolutionize your platform.

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Priora is a complex PSD2 compliant solution which can help financial institutions take a leap forward, towards the digital banking of tomorrow. Developed in full accordance with the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS), Priora is market and implementation ready.

Besides compliance, the solution comes with the possibility to move beyond mere compliance with PSD2. Our value added APIs can help you take your business model to the next level by creating new revenue streams and raising customer loyalty.

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Offer your customer a holistic view of their money flow and help revitalize their financial lives by introducing them to Fentury. Raise your customer engagement from once a week to once day with the implementation of a plethora of financial tools that our white label banking solution has to offer, including but not limited to: mobile internet banking, a personal finance manager, analytical tools etc.

Enter the era of digital banking by putting the customer at the core of your business model.

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