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Salt Edge Inc. is an innovative company specialized in FinTech. We bring simplicity and automation to everyone - from end-users to businesses, FinApps, and Financial Institutions.

Salt Edge provides world-leading account data aggregation, the most accurate automatic categorization, customer-oriented money management, revolutionary screen scraping software, omnichannel banking solutions with client analysis and targeted marketing.

Salt Edge Platform empowers our partners to embrace innovation, driving their businesses to the next level.

Products built on Salt Edge Platform

Spectre API

Financial Data Aggregation for Business

Spectre API is designed both for startups and innovative enterprises, who need permission-based access and bank-level security to access their customers’ multiple account types including checking, savings, credit cards, e-wallets, money-market accounts, prepaid cards, investments, insurance, loans and mortgages - quickly and easily. The wide range of supported financial institutions allows application developers to build FinApps for multiple market segments on the global scale.

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PSD2 API Solution

Priora API platform represents PSD2 implementation, designed for easy integration and immediate compliance with the regulatory requirements. The platform accelerates digital adoption by employing strong security measures and pre-integrated Privileged API Management. The potential of Priora API offers various possibilities for asset monetization and development of future innovations.

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White Label Banking Solution

It is time to take your client engagement to the next level. Finext allows you to make the account holder the main figure on stage - an easy to use and intuitive visualization is the way people want to see their finances. The White Label combines mobile Internet banking, personal finance manager (PFM), analytical tools, targeted marketing and allows to provide client support in online mode (chat, voice, video).

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What Our Clients Say

"We’ve been working with SaltEdge for over an year now and I can’t praise enough their professionalism. Their team is knowledgable, dedicated and available to help at all times. We’ve had several issues and they were very quick on fixing them. The SaltEdge team also does a great job at adding new banks every month, and resolving any bank issues reported, in a timely manner."

Iliya Yordanov, CEO & Founder at SilverWiz

Core Team

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Iulia Martinenco


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Ivan Danci


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