We aim to build a worldwide partner network to help financial services providers grow, innovate, and deliver customer value fast.


Core banking. Global

Finastra delivers financial software to more than 8,600 financial institutions, including 90 of the top 100 banks globally. Finastra’s clients can quickly become compliant with PSD2 in Europe, Open Banking in the UK, CDR in Australia, and connect to 5,000+ banks via one API.


Core banking. Global

Mambu is a SaaS core banking platform with global coverage that has a pre-integrated Salt Edge Compliance toolkit. Any Mambu client can go live with PSD2/OB/CDR APIs in less than a month.


Core banking. Global

Temenos, a core banking vendor, has pre-integrated Salt Edge into its digital channels to help customers get open banking compliant through one integration. Also, any Temenos client is able to get instant access to 5,000+ banks connected by Salt Edge in over 50 countries around the globe.

Thought Machine

Core banking. Global

Thought Machine, one of the UK's leading fintech companies, builds cloud-native core banking technology. Thought Machine's core banking platform, Vault Core, can be easily configured to suit the needs of any bank giving them full control to do and build anything they want. Salt Edge’s Open Banking Compliance solution, which is pre-integrated with Vault Core, enables banks to comply with any open banking regulation in the world and become compliant in less than 1 month with minimal resources.


Core banking. Global

Tuum is a cloud-native, API-first core banking platform empowering businesses to launch customer-centric financial products and services with its flexible, modular, and configurable architecture. Partnering with Salt Edge enables Tuum clients to achieve PSD2 and Open Banking compliance, enhance end-user security with Mobile SCA, and gain access to 5,000+ banks for account information and payment initiation services in Europe and beyond.


Software-as-a-Service. The UK and EU

AMLYZE is a SaaS provider offering anti-financial crime solutions to help fintechs, neo-banks, and virtual asset service providers (VASPs) grow while mitigating their regulatory risk. The modules are built by ex-regulators, AML/CFT experts and include real-time and retrospective transaction monitoring, customer risk assessment, AML/CFT investigations, sanctions, PEPs, and negative media screening. AMLYZE and Salt Edge partnership leverages both companies’ expertise in AML, open banking, and PSD2 solutions.


Core banking. Global

Skaleet's SaaS Core Banking Platform provides technological capabilities for banking and electronic money institutions to launch innovative financial services. Skaleet manages the technology while financial institutions focus on building cutting-edge offers and crafting proximity with their clients. The partnership allows Skaleet’s clients to become regulatory compliant with PSD2/Open Banking while offering a unique gateway to customers' accounts within 5,000+ financial institutions in 50+ countries.


Omnichannel digital banking. Global

ebankIT is a fintech company that enables banks and credit unions to deliver personalised and accessible digital experiences for millions of customers and members. By adopting its Omnichannel Digital Banking Platform, which is licenced to organisations in 11 countries, financial institutions are able to offer an innovative user experience across digital channels, from mobile to web banking, from wearable gadgets to the metaverse and beyond. Through Salt Edge, ebankIT customers can meet open banking compliance requirements in Canada, EMEA, and any global standard and securely connect to thousands financial institutions in 50+ countries.


Digital banking. Global

FintechOS, a global technology provider for financial services companies, is driving a change in the way financial products and services are created by making them truly customer-centric. Partnering with Salt Edge, FintechOS’ clients can quickly become compliant with PSD2/Open Banking, enhance security of end-users with Salt Edge’ Mobile SCA solution, and empower businesses to unlock Open Data by connecting to 5,000+ banks for account information and payment initiation services.


Consultancy. Global

PwC is a global network of firms delivering world-class assurance, tax, and consulting services for businesses. The aim of PwC and Salt Edge collaboration is to enable innovation in the banking industry based on open banking.


Banking-as-a-Service. The UK and EU

Pannovate is a payment and digital banking technology company that focuses on payments, fintech, crypto and RegTech. The company geared up its BaaS offering with Salt Edge PSD2 Compliance to help its clients in the UK and the EU become compliant with strict PSD2 and SCA requirements. This collaboration enables organisations to launch competitive banking and payments programmes in a secure and compliant way.


Banking-as-a-Service. The UK and EU

Bankable, a BaaS platform that enables financial institutions, corporates, and fintechs to develop and deploy bespoke or turnkey banking solutions. The platform provides virtual account services, eWallet, e-ledgers, virtual & plastic card programmes, etc. Now Bankable’s clients get an instant PSD2 Compliance solution, as part of the service.


Digital banking. The UK and EU

nCino, Inc. provides cloud banking and digital solutions to the global financial industry. Its Bank Operating System® empowers financial institutions with scalable technology to help them achieve revenue growth, greater efficiency, cost savings, and regulatory compliance. Joining forces with Salt Edge, nCino clients can get instant access to over 5,000 banks connected in 50+ countries around the globe for smarter business decisions through financial insights.


Digital banking. MENA

Spire Technologies is building an API financial ecosystem in the MENA region. The company offers Open Banking solutions, including regulatory compliance, account information and payment initiation capabilities. Spire also deploys powerful use cases to help with digital customer acquisition, stronger customer engagement, and growth in financing and deposit portfolio. Joining up with Salt Edge, Spire’s clients are now able to unlock the full power of Open Data via a single API Gateway.

Who partners with Salt Edge?

Salt Edge works with companies that add value to financial services: core banking vendors, system integrators, consultancy firms, payment providers, card issuers, and many others.

Become our partner

Who partners with Salt Edge?

Salt Edge works with companies that add value to financial services: core banking vendors, system integrators, consultancy firms, payment providers, card issuers, and many others.

Become our partner
Become our partner
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