Business finances

Automate your clients’ business daily routine with open banking

Open banking benefits

Digital boost to business finance management

Open banking simplifies key processes for businesses, aiming to help them save countless hours that were previously wasted on accounting, billing and invoicing.

For accounting companies

Open banking-enabled accounting experience

Bank data feeds including KYC details, account numbers, and personal data from more than 5,000 banks in 50+ countries, directly to your software. The automation of bookkeeping and instant transaction processing ensure decreased operational costs, enhanced real-time reporting, and thus, capacity to serve more business clients. Get years of transaction history via one seamless integration in just several clicks and break free from Excel spreadsheets avalanche to increase productivity and decrease processing time.


For invoicing & billing service providers

Reduced administrative burdens

Create invoices in a blink of an eye with access to real-time bank data and autofill functions. Getting instant access to clients’ bank data in an easy and compliant way helps to automatise billing services: automatic import of transactions, simplify taxes calculations, account reconciliation, facilitate invoice fulfillment.


For business finance management (BFM) apps

Offer customised features based on data insights

Provide a quick overview of the company’s financials for efficient enterprise resource management. Create comprehensive reporting features to accurately measure business progress in real-time. With Open Banking Gateway, you can gain more information about the performance and patterns of their businesses.


For invoice payments (PISP)

Enable payment of invoices straight away

A digital makeover to invoice and reconciliation process by offering an affordable, faster and safer way of making and receiving payments directly from bank to bank, without extra transaction fees.

Salt Edge toolbox

Why you should choose us


Access the open banking data from 5,000+ financial institutions in over 50 countries with Salt Edge

Set of dashboards

Get a comprehensive and user-friendly set of dashboards to see insights and monitor performance at-a-glance

Go live in 15 minutes

Choose the shortest path to discover countless open banking opportunities. Salt Edge handles all the technical, security, compliance matters for you

Data enrichment

Value-added services for complete financial behavior analysis: merchant identification, financial insights, business and personal transaction categorisation

Highest security standards

ISO 27001 certified and PSD2 licensed, Salt Edge employs the highest international security standards to initiate payments and access financial data

Instant payment

Pay by any bank from Europe, faster and more secure

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