Data Enrichment

Transform raw data into actionable insights powered by machine learning

Smart blend of APIs to help you make the best of the collected financial data.

Transaction Categorisation

Let us master the chaos of raw transactional data

The categorisation API assigns a category to unclear business and personal transactions, and turns them into meaningful actionable insights that can be used by companies and their customers.

  • Self-learning engine based on sophisticated algorithms
  • Detection of all income sources and transfers
  • Supports user-defined categories
  • Personal and business transaction categorisation
  • Compatible with any transaction data source

Merchant Identification

Know where your customers spend money

The API identifies the exact merchant of a transaction and offers detailed information about it. This is helpful in targeting marketing campaigns, providing end-users with personalised analytical reports, and much more.

  • Instant and precise detection of the merchant
  • Detailed information about the identified merchant: location, transliterated merchant name, contact details, social media
  • Built-in mechanism to automatically map the location by GPS coordinates
  • Mechanism based on an extensive list of more than 25 million of most popular merchants from all over the world

Financial Insights

Get a 360-degree view of customers’ financial life

Financial insights provides a full picture of customers’ financial behaviour in one clear report generated in a single click. It is crafted using complex machine learning algorithms that process transactional data from all the customers’ bank accounts.

  • Perfect for banks, lenders, and credit bureaus
  • Different formats: PDF and JSON
  • Hundreds of metrics at your choice
  • Well-defined report structure: balance, expense, savings, income


From raw data to powerful insights

Go beyond simple data aggregation

Dive into machine learning-powered insights to build a complete picture of your customers' financial behaviour

Automated access to data

Import the transactional data via Salt Edge data aggregation tool that has ever-expanding bank connections

Secure & trusted

Compliant with GDPR and country-specific regulations, underpinned by highest international security standards

Easy to integrate

Data Enrichment platform is ready-to-use via one fast and simple integration. A complete testing environment is available before going live

We’ve got you covered

Salt Edge handles all the technical, security, compliance matters so that you can focus on providing great services based on real-time customers' data

Reduced operational costs

Use enriched transaction history to improve risk assessment and decision making

Account Information

Tap into thousands of banks globally through a single API

The Data Enrichment platform can be applied to any transaction database, regardless of the retrieval mechanism or the source - be it an Excel sheet or a data aggregation API. Salt Edge connects to over 5,000 banks in 50+ countries, allowing fintechs, lenders, credit bureaus, banks to build new services based on automatic account statement gathering.

Get access to data from millions of accounts through a single integration.

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