TPP Verification

Get TPP’s regulatory status checked in a split of a second

Become fully compliant and make sure that only authorised TPPs access your customers’ data.

Why you need it

Control who connects to your customers’ accounts

PSD2 obliges banks and EMIs (ASPSPs) to open up API access for regulated and authorised TPPs. Yet, to keep customers’ accounts safe, ASPSPs must have in place a mechanism that identifies TPPs and verifies their regulatory statuses.

Salt Edge has developed a solution for banks and EMIs to check TPPs’ regulatory status and based on this info, allow only identified and trusted entities to access their APIs, ensuring no fraudulent activity takes place.

    TPP checks and results you obtain

    Comprehensive TPP verifications to grant security

    • Checks the PSD2 role (AIS/PIS/PIIS)
    • Verifies that the eIDAS or OB certificate issuer is a valid QTSP
    • Checks the passporting permission
    • Checks that the eIDAS or OB certificate is not revoked

    Open Banking Compliance Solution

    Become fully open banking compliant in just 1 month

    Become fully open banking compliant in just 1 month

    TPP Verification is also available as a component of the comprehensive Salt Edge Open Banking Compliance Solution. Being a cost-effective and reliable solution, it offers a targeted approach that strikes the right balance between security and user convenience, requiring minimum technical participation from the ASPSP’s side.

      Become fully open banking compliant in just 1 month

      With Salt Edge Open Banking Compliance Solution banks and EMIs become fully compliant with strict open banking and SCA regulatory requirements in just 4 weeks.

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      Full-scale and smart
      TPP verification

      Comprehensive dashboard

      Get the full control to see the number and speed of verifications. Monitor performance, manage team roles, and open tickets for support team

      Security of your data

      Salt Edge does not process the details of TPP requests (e.g. payment details), thus no personal data is disclosed to us

      Compatible with any channel

      Use TPP Verification system for both APIs and MCIs channels in compliance with strict open banking requirements

      Highest security standards

      ISO 27001 certified and AISP licensed under PSD2, Salt Edge employs the highest international security standards to access financial data from a user's bank account

      We’ve got you covered

      Benefit from a cost-effective compliance solution. Salt Edge handles all the technical, security, compliance matters

      Fast and easy integration

      Take advantage of a ready-to-use and agile SaaS solution that is easily integrated on your side. We take care of maintenance and updates

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