Payment Initiation

Add a lower-cost payment method to your platform via open banking

Make payments faster and more secure, by allowing end-users to initiate them straight from their bank accounts.


Pay with any bank from Europe

Enable your customers to initiate instant payments and transfers from any account in any EU bank, without leaving your platform. Salt Edge provides access to more than 2,000 banks across Europe through a single seamless connection.

We keep testing and adding new bank and EMI channels, granting businesses the finest coverage.

    How it works

    Building great payment experience

    Enable your customers to make instant payments from the account of their choice, using their familiar banking authentication methods. Besides being fully open banking compliant and secure, Salt Edge solution guarantees that end-users feel comfortable from the first click.

    Seamless payment experience encourages your customers to complete the payment process and choose your service again and again.

      Use cases

      Instant payments


      Seamless and cost-effective payments

      Accept payments directly from the players’ bank accounts and enable secure payments for your customers to any other account in seconds. Open banking is a one-stop shop that cuts costs and streamlines workflows for operators, as well as removes friction for players.


        Quick and secure refunds and transaction settlements

        Supporting open banking-based payments is in every airline, travel agency, or any other tourism company’s best interest. Embrace open banking to enjoy secure and affordable transaction settlements and refunds at lightning fast speeds.


          Lower-cost and fraudless payments

          Upgrade your checkout page by adding a new instant payment method so that customers can enjoy secure payments due to strong customer authentication. Compared to credit or debit card payments, open banking brings in lower transaction fees and faster payment settlements, resulting in better liquidity for merchants.


            Seamless transfers and top ups

            Save money on transfers. With open banking your customers can top up the eWallet account straight from their bank account without any additional fees.


              Loan repayment via open banking

              Discover the open banking payment potential. Now your borrowers can securely initiate loan repayments directly from their bank accounts without leaving your lending app. Seamless user experience increases loyalty and boosts revenues.

                Corporate payments

                Lower-cost payments - any time, from any place

                Using the Payment Initiation API, corporates can pay for taxes, utilities, salaries from their business accounts in any EU bank - directly from accounting, enterprise or government softwares. The API is flexible and supports recurrent, scheduled, bulk, and batch payments.


                  Payments reinvented

                  New lower-cost payment method

                  Give your customers an affordable and faster payment option. Eliminating the expensive card processing fees from payments, you save money that can be invested smarter

                  Mitigate risk of fraud

                  Strong customer authentication adds one more security layer to transactions, reducing the risk of fraud & security breaches nearly to zero

                  Unrivalled API coverage

                  Enable payments from 2,000+ banks across Europe, via one simple integration. Availability of bank channels is monitored 24/7, so you can offer seamless payment experience without interruptions

                  Highly secure technology

                  Salt Edge is ISO 27001 certified and adheres to the highest international standards of privacy and security: transaction monitoring, business continuity plan, 24/7 incident monitoring

                  Flexible approach

                  We support standardised payment templates, so you don't have to worry about bank or region specifics anymore

                  We’ve got you covered

                  Salt Edge handles all the technical, security, compliance matters so that you can focus on providing great services based on real-time customers' data

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