Real-time bank data for right lending decisions

Open banking benefits

Digital boost to lending

Open banking offers a digital boost to lending, providing access to real-time financial data directly from banks across all Europe and beyond via a single API.


Real-time data source

Streamline the application and onboarding processes

Start using real-time financial data including KYC details, account numbers, personal and business data directly from banks across all Europe and beyond. Fill in all the necessary data automatically to reduce friction, eliminate errors, speed-up onboarding and improve customer experience.


Income & identity verification

Strike out credit risk from your list

Refine the underwriting process by validating the identity and account information in several clicks. Check instantly the sources of income including basic salary, freelance, dividends, abroad, and mitigate risks associated with outdated and false information. Eliminate manual checks and prevent fraud by immediate data verification.


Financial insights & expense analysis

Predict the future by improving your credit scoring

Improve accuracy of credit scoring calculation by designing a quicker and more reliable credit assessment model. Sophisticated pattern recognition and machine learning algorithms deliver enriched data that helps you analyse your customer’s financial health.


Instant decisioning

Boost your credit decision from days to minutes

Take lending decisions fast and easy as one-two-three. Stop asking a borrower to physically bring documents. Real-time financial data coming directly from users’ bank accounts into your software empowers you to take lending decisions in a split second.


Simpler payments

Pay and get paid back easier

Enable your customers to easily initiate loan repayments directly from their bank accounts, without leaving your app or website. Allowing credit disbursement and setting automatic payment requests straight in your app or website, makes the payment experience more convenient. Easy and fast without cards or hidden fees from other payment processors.

Salt Edge toolbox

Why you should choose us

Fits any type of lending

Open banking-enabled and digital boost for any type of lending: personal, business, traditional, alternative, RBF, P2P, SME, mortgage, crowdfunding, etc.


Access the open banking data from 5,000+ financial institutions in over 50 countries with Salt Edge

Data enrichment

Value-added services for complete financial behavior analysis: merchant identification, financial insights, business and personal transaction categorisation

Go live in 15 minutes

Choose the shortest path to discover countless open banking opportunities. Salt Edge handles all the technical, security, compliance matters for you

Highest security standards

ISO 27001 certified and PSD2 licensed, Salt Edge employs the highest international security standards to initiate payments and access financial data

Instant payment

Pay by any bank from Europe, faster and more secure

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