Open Banking Compliance Solution

Full-stack toolkit for banks and EMIs

SaaS solution with all open banking requirements covered, offering a cost-effective and technically scalable approach to compliance.

Main components

Become fully open banking compliant in just 1 month

Become fully open banking compliant in just 1 month

Salt Edge Open Banking compliance is a SaaS solution that covers all essential components, so you can enjoy fast, secure, and seamless experience. Get armored with:

  • Comprehensive set of APIs, including AIS and PIS
  • A full TPP dedicated environment that includes a TPP dedicated API, ticketing system, monitoring dashboard, and more
  • A comprehensive ASPSP dashboard to see insights and monitor performance at-a-glance
  • TPP Verification system to know exactly who is connecting to the API
  • Mobile SCA solution for secure actions
Become fully open banking compliant in just 1 month

TPP dedicated environment

environment for TPPs

The TPP dedicated environment includes a set of required APIs - AISP, PISP, and PIISP - alongside the detailed documentation for developers. The latter is meant to help third parties to have a seamless integration and interaction with the Open Banking channels, as required by the regulation. The environment provides a testing facility that mirrors all the functionalities from the production environment for seamless TPP integration and provides first-line support for TPPs. Salt Edge handles all the communication with TPPs, minimising the hassle of tasks required from the bank’s side.

    TPP Verification

    Shield your customers’ accounts by filtering TPP access

    To keep customers’ accounts safe, banks and EMIs must have in place a mechanism that identifies and verifies TPPs which request API access. Developing such a solution in-house is off the table due to required technical and organisational efforts.

    Salt Edge TPP Verification system is a ready-to-use solution that covers all essential components to guarantee secure and fast TPPs identification.

      Mobile SCA

      Strong customer authentication for complete protection

      Mobile SCA app meets the strong customer authentication (SCA) and dynamic linking requirements aimed to make online payments safer and increase customer protection.

      The solution combines the world's best UX and security practices. Mobile SCA simplifies the access to banks’ and EMIs’ channels, granting a user-friendly and secure authentication and authorisation process.

        Exemption from fallback channel

        Break free from extra regulatory obligations

        Banks and EMIs are obliged to provide a contingency mechanism that TPPs can use in case the API does not work as expected. Building and maintaining such mechanisms involve significant expenses.

        Salt Edge can assist ASPSPs who wish to apply for regulatory exemption from the obligation to set up a contingency mechanism.

          Use cases

          Explore the potential of
          compliance for


          Become open banking compliant in record time
          • Salt Edge’s compliance solution helped the UK branch Guaranty Trust Bank to be compliant with all regulatory requirements and serve TPPs in the best way. Upon 3 months of being successfully tested, GTBank got exempted by the UK’s FCA from providing a fallback channel.
          • Jordan Ahli Bank Cyprus, a universal commercial bank that provides retail and corporate banking services, became amongst the first group of banks in Cyprus to comply with open banking requirements. The bank trusts Salt Edge with all the technical and regulatory complexities connected to open banking compliance. Jordan Ahli Bank Cyprus enables its customers to get a complete overview of their financial transactions in any regulated app they prefer to use.


          Merge PSD2 compliance with innovation
          • The collaboration with Salt Edge enables HyperJar, a UK-based EMI that offers easy-to-use money management and budgeting app, to be fully compliant with the PSD2 requirements, allowing its customers to securely connect their accounts to TPP apps and have a full view of their transactions. HyperJar has chosen Salt Edge for fast and efficient implementation of the PSD2 regulatory requirements.
          • Sodexo is an EMI that provides food services, facilities management and other services that enhance organisational performance and improve quality of life for millions of customers. Salt Edge has built and maintains PSD2 channels for Sodexo in Sweden, Germany, and Austria.


          Offer one-stop shop solution with plugged-in PSD2 compliance
          • Mambu, SaaS core banking platform, has pre-integrated Salt Edge Compliance toolkit to help all the ASPSPs among its clients to be instantly compliant with PSD2 and Open Banking requirements. Any Mambu client can go live with PSD2 APIs in less than a month. This collaboration enables organisations to launch competitive banking programmes in a secure and compliant way.
          • Pannovate, a digital solution provider focused on payments, fintech, crypto and RegTech, gears up its BaaS offering with the Salt Edge PSD2 Compliance Solution to help their clients in the UK and EU become compliant with strict PSD2 and SCA requirements. Pannovate leverages white-labeled Salt Edge Mobile SCA to grant their clients’ end-customers the possibility to authorise transactions, creating a safe and seamless user experience.


          A cost-effective and technically scalable approach to compliance

          Comply with EU & UK API standards

          Meet the strict PSD2 requirements on strong customer authentication by adding 2FA with ease, in just a few weeks

          Full-stack core functionality

          A set of APIs, built-in consent management, SCA, management of TPP access, assistance with fallback exemption

          Fast uptake

          Become fully compliant with open banking requirements in just 1 month with minimum participation from your side

          SaaS delivery

          Benefit from an agile deployment. We handle all system monitoring, maintenance, and updates, offering top-tier API availability and first-line support

          Secure & stable

          Salt Edge is ISO 27001 certified and backed by almost 10 years of experience in the fintech industry

          New ways of monetisation

          A flexible solution that allows adding premium APIs and value-added services on top of the mandatory open banking APIs requirements scope

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