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Unlock the power of PSD2 and Open Banking in just 15 minutes

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Partner Program

Instant Acess to Open Banking

The Program is a unique solution that allows our Partner companies to unlock the power of open banking in a compliant way even in the absence of their own AISP licence, with minimal resources. Via Salt Edge Partner Program, companies can start using PSD2 channels of real-time data from across all the EU, in just 15 minutes. Salt Edge handles all the technical, security, compliance matters so that our Partners can focus on providing great services.


Minimal resources

Salt Edge handles all the technical, security, bureaucratic, and compliance matters which enables the partnering company to step into open banking era

Value-added tools

Additional data enrichment services for complex financial behaviour analysis: merchant identification, financial insights, transaction categorization

International reach

The Partner company can take its business to an international level by accessing the customers’ accounts from thousands of banks across the EU

No licence needed

With Salt Edge Partner Program, there is no need to have its own PSD2 license or eIDAS certificates

No infrastructure change

No need to modify anything on Partner’s side, as Salt Edge Partner Program offers a ready-to-go solution

PSU consents handling

Customer consents collection (GDPR and PSD2 requirements) is handled by Salt Edge

Customizable solution

The solution’s interfaces can be customized under Partner’s branding

Instant access

Partner company experiences the full power of open banking in just 15 minutes

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No Integration, Thousands of Connections

Get instant access to real-time transaction data of your customers, gathered from all their bank accounts across the EU.

The data is presented in a clean and easy-to-understand format. A set of data enrichment services like transaction categorization, merchant identification, and financial insights can be used to offer a complete financial behavioral analysis of Partner’s customers.

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Partner Dashboard

Partner Dashboard

The easy-to-use and intuitive Partner Dashboard allows you to monitor all end-users’ activity, granted consents, bank connections and their availability.

It has role-based access control, and a built-in support channel for secure and fast communication between Partner and Salt Edge.

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User Dashboard

A dashboard in which the end-users can connect their bank accounts, view the list of connected bank accounts, view the granted consents and revoke them at any time. Using this dashboard is optional for end-users.

The creation and maintenance of this dashboard ensures compliance with the strict PSD2 requirements.

User Dashboard

Connect Widget

Salt Edge Connect is a widget through which end-users provide consent, select and connect their payment accounts while in the Partner's app/interface. The widget can be easily customized under Partner’s branding so that end-users feel comfortable from the first click.


Financial Insights

Financial Insights

The Financial Insights provides a full picture of customers’ financial situation and behaviour in one clear report.

The report is generated using complex machine learning algorithms that process real-time transactional data from all the customers’ bank accounts.

This tool helps companies like banks, lenders, credit bureaus to verify the customers' income, identity and make a better risk assessment overall.

Go Live in 15 Minutes

Get PSD2 licence from national regulator
Get eIDAS certificates from QTSP
On-boarding with each EU bank
Sign the Agreement with Salt Edge
Go Live!
Already handled by Salt Edge

Security and Certification

Salt Edge is a leading global financial provider that adheres to the highest international standards of privacy and security. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, as well as PCI DSS compliant. Salt Edge performs regular internal and external vulnerability assessments, security audits and penetration tests, executed by certified security service providers.


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