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White Label

What is White Label PFM?

White Label PFM revolutionizes the way end-customers manage their finances and offers a 360-degree view of their financial life. The solution provides advanced personal finance management tools to improve user experience and drive customer engagement to a whole new level.

Personal Finance Management

Offer your end-customers complete control over their personal finances by providing a set of tools: Budgeting, Saving Goals, Financial Calendar, Advanced Reports, Advice & Notifications, etc. Give them a reason to engage with your app on a daily basis, raise their trust by providing helpful notifications, and improve customer satisfaction with useful advice and insights to help them take their financial health to a higher level and keep it in check.

An aggregated view of all accounts

With the help of Salt Edge Data Aggregation API, your end-customers can link all their accounts, including those held in other banks, to your app. We are currently connected to 3800+ financial institutions in over 70 countries, as well as online payments systems like PayPal, Payoneer, etc, so your customers can connect to them too in one click.

  • All types of accounts: current account, savings, checking, mortgage, loan, insurance, etc.
  • Bank statement with transaction details
  • Account holder information
  • Notification alerts for balance thresholds
Personal Finance

Transactions Categorization, Merchant Identification


Unify your end-customers’ transactions across all their accounts in one place - your banking app.

  • Unified information
  • Normalized data
  • 93% transaction categorization accuracy
  • Self-learning categorization engine
  • User-driven recategorization
  • Merchant identification
  • Merchant mapping

Financial Planning

Daily financial planning can be automated by implementing the flexible functionality of White Label PFM, which enables end-customers to easily manage financial budgets, schedule payment of bills, and more.

  • Setting up a monthly plan for bills, savings, and day-to-day spendings
  • Receiving an automated monthly budget plan based on spending history
  • Reviewing past spending patterns based on categories and time intervals
  • Getting timely reminders & warnings to stay within budget limits

Saving Goals

Saving Goals

It will be easier for your customers to achieve their financial goals when they can track their progress.

  • Setting up a Saving Goal and tracking progress through a linked savings account
  • Estimating how much time achieving goals will take
  • Personalizing goals by adding categories and photos
  • Getting notifications on goal progress

Day-to-day Advice & Notifications

  • Drive your end-customer engagement to new heights by offering day-to-day gamified guidance
  • Improve end-customer trust with timely based warnings and precautionary actions
  • Raise end-customer satisfaction with useful insights to help keep their financial health in check

Payments via Open Banking Channels

Web Banking

Integrate Salt Edge’s Open Banking Payment Gateway that enables end-customers to move funds from their accounts in any EU bank institutions, directly from your PFM app.

  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Make instant payments
  • Pay invoices
  • Make national and international transfers
  • Request money from a friend

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