It is time to take your client engagement to the next level. Finext allows you to make the account holder the main figure on stage - an easy to use and intuitive visualization is the way people want to see their finances. The White Label combines mobile Internet banking, personal finance manager (PFM), analytical tools, targeted marketing and allows to provide client support in online mode (chat, voice, video). With Finext you can unite design and technology to engage the account holder in a way no one has ever done!

Personal Finance Manager

Personal Finance Manager (PFM) brings convenience, simplicity and organization to your clients. It allows them to independently manage their finances and helps set their financial goals, having access to cash flow tracking, budgeting and monthly planning, wide range of financial reports and other features. The bank becomes a unique place for its clients’ personal finance management. PFM will generate an enormous amount of valuable customer data, thus creating cross- and up-sale opportunities.

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Innovative Data Aggregation

Based on The Spectre API, your customers will be able to connect all other financial accounts they might have. We are currently supporting 2563 financial institutions from 55 countries, as well as online payment systems such as: PayPal, Payoneer, etc. Customers will be able to import even their transaction history in XLS, CSV, OFX, or SWIFT formats. Thus, the bank will get the complete overview of its clients’ activities and interests, which opens the door to targeted bank offers.

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Analytical Tools

Based on the data aggregation and the personal finance manager modules, the bank will receive a powerful analytical platform with detailed information and creation of clients profiles and credit ranking (including analysis from other financial institutions). The bank can gain a deep insight into clients’ needs and offer new services and products based on clients’ profiles. This will increase the bank’s profits by making its services more personalized and client-oriented.

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Targeted Marketing

Getting your message across to the people truly interested in what you have to say is crucial for any business. Competent approach to targeted marketing is based on scrupulous analysis of the clientele. It can be easily performed with the help of Finext White Label analytical tools. Omnichannel client involvement provides an opportunity to reach clients when they most need it, wherever they are.

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Omnichanel Solutions

Mobile banking is one of the most important features for Millennials, who would rather lose their sense of smell than technology. Finext provides an omnichannel solution - Web access from any device, native iOS and Android applications and mobile-friendly interface. Numerous reports and overviews, widgets and Google Chrome browser extension are available not only on familiar smartphones, tablets and PCs, but on Android and iOS wearables (e.g. Apple Watch, LG Watch Urbane).

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Customizable features on request

Finext White Label solution is modular and highly customizable. All the functionality is organized into relevant units which can be implemented separately or together and integrated within various systems in accordance with your business needs and customers’ expectations. We can deliver any combination of modules chosen by the client. Finext is eager to customize the selected module or combination of modules to perfectly match company’s specific business requirements.

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