It is time to take your client engagement to the next level. Finext allows you to make the account holder the main figure on stage - an easy to use and intuitive visualization is the way people want to see their finances. The White Label combines mobile Internet banking, personal finance manager (PFM), analytical tools, targeted marketing and allows to provide client support in online mode (chat, voice, video). With Finext you can unite design and technology to engage the account holder in a way no one has ever done!

Customizable features on request

Salt Edge can fully personalize any of its products to meet the company’s specific requirements and clients’ needs. Finext White Label is adjusted within your banking facilities. It is flexible to fit your business specifications, thus extending your organization’s possibilities significantly. We can develop any feature on demand and implement it in the DMM / PFM solution, including but not limited to the features described below.

Card-Linked Offers (CLO)

Custom features 2

This is a powerful and individually customizable way for retail and banking companies to engage with clients, and it's bringing remarkable results. CLO solution gives the possibility to send cardholders highly personalized offers tailored to their needs due to the aggregation of users’ financial data, e.g. transaction history and saving goals. Card-Linked Marketing is an efficient and secure way to profitably connect all the parties involved: banks, merchants, and clients. Banks restore the connection with their customers via web and mobile banking; merchants save a lot of marketing efforts, being able to target the proper audience; clients benefit from personalized offers, based on their actual habits and needs.

NFC (and mobile) payments

Taking into consideration the increasing number of credit card data leakage incidents, it is an opportune moment to implement a solution that can finally protect clients’ money from theft and fraud. NFC-based contactless pay terminals are now installed at many retailers’ places, easing the transition to mobile payments. The complexity of the mobile payments structure relieves most of the concerns about the security of NFC-payments and significantly reduces the possibility of hacking. The secure element, on which the authorization process depends, is reinforced against attacks and defended by a unique digital signature.

Credit scoring

We have equipped Finext White Label with a risk assessment feature - credit scoring counter. It is calculated from data-rich credit report and is used to determine the creditworthiness. Finext is based on accurate data aggregation through our bank feed API, that enables companies to adequately evaluate the risk for each individual client and determine his creditworthiness. Thus companies evaluate the conditions, e.g. amount of money and the terms of interest, when issuing loans.

Automatic cross-departmental data gathering

Spectre API allows to collect all the necessary information to bring forth a holistic picture of the financial situation across departments and provides plenty of detailed reports and charts. This makes the control easier and more efficient, eliminating the need to visit and check every branch separately, and assists to determine the ways of further development.

Location-based ATM/branch finder

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One more feature to make client’s interaction with the institution easier and more convenient. A built-in tool for your mobile or e-banking users lets them learn immediately where the nearest ATM or branch can be found. People who avoid visiting physical offices because of long searching are now more eager to use your bank's services.

Two-way secure messaging

The use of secure messaging tool grants companies and their clients the possibility to exchange encrypted messages about financial situation, personal offers conditions, accounts status etc. The procedure is absolutely secure due to the bank-level encryption methods of correspondence. It is performed without using email, that can be easily hacked, and allows to attach pictures and documents. The secure messaging solution can be integrated within company’s CRM or email server.

Smart alerts

Smart alerts feature is designed for clients to receive relevant notifications on their accounts. Notifications can be personalized by the client himself: he chooses when to receive the email and text message alerts and what content they should have. Smart alerts keep your clients up to date with their financial situation, password or PIN change, credit card limit reached, debit card usage details and other.

Social media integration

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Social media marketing is the most modern and efficient way to enhance company’s marketing and stimulate sales. Allow your clients to share your most attractive offers, that might be interesting to their social circle, and thus spread the information about your institution and its services. People tend to trust other people’s opinion, especially if it’s voiced publicly.

Self-service portal

The self-service console is designed for users to manage their activities in real time, getting immediate impact on their assets status. Clients can open new saving or spending accounts, move their money between accounts, perform cash transactions. The access is granted through the online banking homepage or mobile app.

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