It is time to take your client engagement to the next level. Finext allows you to make the account holder the main figure on stage - an easy to use and intuitive visualization is the way people want to see their finances. The White Label combines mobile Internet banking, personal finance manager (PFM), analytical tools, targeted marketing and allows to provide client support in online mode (chat, voice, video). With Finext you can unite design and technology to engage the account holder in a way no one has ever done!

Digital Money Manager *

Digital Money Manager (DMM) exceeds traditional Personal Finance Manager (PFM) possibilities, giving value to every client’s interaction with the bank. With a scrupulous approach to personal finance, the built-in Finext DMM offers a wide range of functionalities that extend users’ capabilities, elevate their digital banking experience to the next level, and win their loyalty. You can deliver a holistic overview of your clients’ finances and grant them access to all your banking features online and on mobile devices, thanks to Finext omnichannel solution.

Request a card

Dmm 1

Clients can request any type of card (credit, debit, prepaid or commercial) using their smartphones and even order its courier or post delivery. There is no more need for them to visit company’s office. Institutions can rely on DMM for complete automatization of card receiving process and let their employees focus on more important tasks.

Open a new account

Company’s clients can open any type of account via DMM: savings accounts, basic checking accounts, interest-bearing checking accounts, money market deposit accounts, individual retirement account (IRA), certificates of deposit, etc. Every account related service your institution provides can be made available online or on mobile app.

Accounts and payments

Dmm 2

DMM interface can be used to make any type of transactions from/to any type of accounts that are supported by your bank:

  • Different types of payments: internal bank payments, national and international transfers, bill payments, etc.;
  • Multiple account types support: loan/mortgage, credit/debit, savings;
  • Currency conversion between accounts.

International transfers

Dmm 3

Your clients can now initiate any international money transfer without visiting bank branches or websites. Requesting MoneyGram, Western Union, Ria or any other transfer has never been simpler. It can easily be done in your company’s DMM app from any device in a few clicks.

Loyalty and Engagement

There is no doubt that client’s loyalty and engagement are directly dependent on how your company's services can facilitate their financial life. Take advantage of this pattern using Finext White Label DMM benefits, such as:

  • Clear, easy, fully integrated (mobile and web) and rewarding e-banking experience;
  • Intuitive transaction view;
  • Highly personalized / User-centric approach;
  • Competent and trustworthy financial advice and guidance;
  • Fully protected aggregated user data (we don’t sell it to any third party).
* All the features are tied to company’s available API

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