It is time to take your client engagement to the next level. Finext allows you to make the account holder the main figure on stage - an easy to use and intuitive visualization is the way people want to see their finances. The White Label combines mobile Internet banking, personal finance manager (PFM), analytical tools, targeted marketing and allows to provide client support in online mode (chat, voice, video). With Finext you can unite design and technology to engage the account holder in a way no one has ever done!

Omnichannel personal banking solution

It is important to stay informed at all times, wherever you might be and whatever you might be doing. Therefore, providing a web-based-only e-banking will never fully satisfy the technologically spoiled and sophisticated modern user. We bring forth a solution to meet the highest expectations of today’s fast-paced life. Now it’s your bank that can offer full access to money management tools from any device: payments, personalized advice, and special bank offers available from a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or even smart-watch.

Mobile-friendly web

Despite the increased use of mobile money managers, the majority of e-banking customers still prefer their laptops to make an important transaction, open a new online savings account, or dig deeper into the information they need. We offer an intuitive and mobile-friendly web interface for your clients to fully enjoy their e-banking experience.

iOS & Android platform

Omnichannel 2

Our native mobile applications for Android and iOS allow users to take their bank with them wherever they go. Automatic synchronization between devices keeps data consistent and accurate at all times. Moreover, the applications work in offline mode preserving all of their functionality. We use push notifications to synchronize data between web and mobile apps.

iPad & Android tablet

Data synchronization, fully functional offline mode, push notifications, targeted marketing campaigns and more - all the mobile phone features are also available for Android-powered tablets and iPads. Finext omnichannel e-banking solution provides up to 100% categorization accuracy and full data synchronization of the tablet with any other device in use.

Widgets for Android and iOS

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Our Android and iOS applications come pre-equipped with easy-to-use widgets that help perceive the current financial situation. This offers your customer the possibility to do an honest financial evaluation for better decision-making. Accessing relevant data and adding manual transactions has never been easier.

Chrome extension

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To make personal e-banking easy and fast, we’ve created an extension for the Google Chrome browser. It offers your customers a way to instantly add any cash expense or income through a pop-up window without opening additional tabs.

Apple Watch & Android wearable

The owners of Apple Watch and Android wearable devices (e.g. LG Watch Urbane, Motorola Moto 360) get easy access to their financial data overview. Our omnichannel online-banking solution makes it easy for your customers to check their everyday balance, all the important data and reports. Your bank’s push notifications will also be delivered to their smart-watches display.

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