Priora PSD2 Solution

Priora API is a universal PSD2 compliant solution which delivers open banking in a cost and time efficient manner. Being the pinnacle of Salt Edge technology, it sets the standard for PSD2 solutions, putting the banks in a position of control

Privileged API Management

The integrated Privileged API Management platform powered by Salt Edge provides the capabilities to monitor and measure the API usage and control the access level to your API given to the TPPs. Traffic management tool ensures services run in the limits, and do not contain spiteful content.

Strong security controls

Privileged API Management safeguards your API with the security mechanisms and ensures the API stays protected from threats and vulnerabilities. Stay secured with Privileged API Management enhanced with fraud and penetration attempt monitoring tool.

Capitalize on new opportunities

Monetize on your digital transformation by unlocking the embedded value in Priora PSD2 API. Extended API development facilitates customer account access and enables payment initiation through the digital channels, thus offering further monetization by mutually beneficial cooperation with the TPPs. Leverage customer insight and collaboration with third parties to offer new services that create value for customers. Build internal analytical capabilities with Salt Edge Privileged API Management and benefit from various analytical statistics and reports (i.e., a detailed report of developers API usage, number of handled API calls, etc) that can be taken as the basis for elaborating partnership development strategy, as well as for adopting new monetization models.