Priora PSD2 Solution

Priora API is a universal PSD2 compliant solution which delivers open banking in a cost and time efficient manner. Being the pinnacle of Salt Edge technology, it sets the standard for PSD2 solutions, putting the banks in a position of control

Get covered in terms of PSD2

Priora PSD2 API Solution is a ready-to-use platform designed for a quick and hassle free integration, ensuring open banking delivery in accordance with PSD2. Create a new approach to the market by integrating a reliable API that opens new doors to your business.

Open access

Share access to Third Party Service Providers (TPPs)


Implement technical communication structures for secure data exchange with TPPs


Ensure strong customer authentication capabilities

Open up for New Financial Ecosystem

Data and technology driven PSD2 enforcement profoundly transforms the banking and financial industry. Priora PSD2 API is built to become a perfect bridge between the bank and customers within the new banking ecosystem.


Implementation and benefits of Priora PSD2 API Solution

Integrate Priora within the core of banking system to enhance the capabilities of your banking API and at the same time strengthen the security of internet payments and account access. Salt Edge also offers the possibility to build a secure internal banking API architecture with access capabilities to:

  • A dedicated professional team
  • API documentation and code samples
  • AISP and PISP workflows
  • Auth security implementation for supporting various access models
  • Developers enablement tools including sandbox environment
  • Privileged API Management
  • Assistance throughout API development cycle
  • External proxy to internal infrastructure

Bulletproof security

Build trust by establishing robust security model required under the Payment Service Directive 2. Priora PSD2 API ensures that strong customer authentication measures are in place along with confidentiality of data that is carried out in a secure manner.

  • Pre-integrated OAuth
  • Strong authentication controls for Payment Service Users
  • Credentials stay secure and safe at all times
  • Secure access to sensitive data

Credentials never get passed to any Third Party Provider.