PSD2 Account Information API

Aggregate end-customer account data from any EU bank via a single API gateway

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Account Information


Access to all banks through a single API

Connect with end-customers’ bank accounts, get payment account and transaction history through a single API. Experience the full power of Open Banking and PSD2.

Enriched Data

Get actionable insights to understand your end-customer's needs and deliver better products. Salt Edge translates the confusing transaction data into clear and easy-to-read information; setting up the base for data enrichment and financial behavioral analysis.

Real-time Data

Access real-time data directly from banks, while having flexibility over the update schedules. The AISP connection allows up to 4 automatic and unlimited user-triggered refreshes.

Global Coverage

Connect to over 3000 financial institutions in 60+ countries via a unified API Gateway. The Solution handles all the types of accounts: current, checking, saving, cryptocurrency, e-wallets, mortgage accounts, etc. Start validating your business ideas using account information services even before banks provide PSD2 compliant APIs, within the entire EU and even beyond it.

No need to store end-customer credentials

Do not stress about building a costly security system for handling end-customer credentials. Salt Edge has heavily invested in establishing bank level security which guarantees that end-customer data is safe with us.

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One Integration, Thousands of Connections


By using Salt Edge API, any registered AISP can get instant access to account information APIs in any bank across all the EU countries. By integrating just one API, you get access to thousands of bank connections. Salt Edge takes care of all the registration and technical connections to banks, helping you to focus on your core business.

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Data you Get


Crucial Account Information

Information about the account's name, type (account, checking, debit, etc.), balance, and currency.


Transaction Information

Data about the transaction's status, date, amount, and currency.



The transaction is assigned a category based on sophisticated categorization rules.


Merchant Identification

The API provides you with Merchant's name, city, address, post code, and coordinates.

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Data Enrichment Platform

The Salt Edge API includes enrichment services, such as Personal and Business categorization, Merchant Identification, Financial Insights for lenders and many other unique product features. Any TPP might get access to these additional services upon request. Salt Edge also implements banking added-value services, becoming a one-stop-shop for any TPP interested in getting the most out of Open Banking and in going even further.

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Data Enrichment

Always Stay in Business

Salt Edge Solution provides a channel for connecting AISPs to banks through dedicated PSD2 channels (APIs). However, these APIs might be inaccessible due to technical issues on the bank side. What would you do in this situation? Most probably wait for the bank to fix the bug.

Another issue relates to banks which decided to simply meet the minimal requirements for data access, rather than having an API in place. This means that the only way for TPPs to get the data from the bank is to use direct access by identifying themselves towards the bank (ASPSP).

Salt Edge comes with a solution to both problems to ensure your business is up and running at all times by using an exclusive Fallback channel for connecting directly to end-customer payment account in case the bank API is not accessible, or even absent. Continue your business activity regardless of the bank’s API availability. The PSD2 Account Information API takes care of it all, enabling you to focus on the crucial aspects of your business.

Bank Dedicated Channel: API
In case the bank API does not work, Salt Edge uses a Fallback Channel to access customer data. Continue your business activity regardless of the bank’s API availability.
Bank Non Dedicated Channel: Direct Access

Connect Widget

The PSD2 Account Information API comes with a pre-integrated Connect widget, where the end-customer can select and connect his/her payment accounts to your app. The end-customer authenticates himself towards the bank, after which Salt Edge establishes a secure connection, using end-to-end encryption. This means that your app won't have to store any end-customer credentials, something which would require a significant investment in security infrastructure. Salt Edge handle all the authentication methods and any error that might occur during the authentication process, thus significantly speeding up the integration process. The Connect Widget can also be delivered with your company’s branding.

1. The user chooses his bank
2. The user enters his Online Banking credentials
3. The user is asked to provide the TPP with Consent to access his data
4. Salt Edge establishes a secure end-to-end encrypted connection with the user's bank
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By Developers for Developers

Developers Layer-1 Layer-2

Salt Edge technology is built with the developer's convenience in mind. The TPP gets access to a Testing Environment with Demo Providers where all possible scenarios of authentication, connection, errors handling, and data exchange flows are emulated. Therefore, the TPP's developers will be able to test different datasets and verify any scenario even before going Live.

The easy-to-use and intuitive Client Dashboard allows TPPs to monitor all end-customers activities, as well as their bank connections and their availability. It has role-based access control, and a built-in support channel for secure and fast communication between the Client and Salt Edge.

Quick Start Guide

Integration Process and Licensing

Salt Edge has accumulated valuable experience necessary to act as a technology provider and create a streamlined integration process for any new business. As a technology provider, Salt Edge simplifies the registration with national regulatory body implementing security and compliance requirements.

The TPPs need just to obtain the AISP license. And while that is a difficult and lengthy process, Salt Edge provides TPPs with the opportunity to test and integrate its APIs, until they get licensed. The company provides detailed API Documentation, a testing environment, examples in different programming languages, together with a "Getting Started" Guide.

Once the TPP obtains the license keys, Salt Edge begins the technical and legal connections with each bank, acting as the TPP's technical provider. Hence, liberate the TPP from the need of searching, registering, testing and communicating with each and all banks, saving weeks and even months of hard work - Salt Edge takes care of it all.

Receive the AISP license
Connect to Salt Edge API Sandbox for testing*
Sign the Agreement with Salt Edge
Salt Edge handles the integrations with the EU banks
Go Live!
and Unlock the Power of Data! (Or just: Go Live!)
* A complete testing environment before signing the agreement (100 live connections, detailed documentation etc.)

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PSD2 Account Information API


Security and Certification

Salt Edge is a leading global financial provider that adheres to the highest international standards of privacy and security. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, as well as PCI DSS compliant. Salt Edge performs regular internal and external vulnerability assessments, security audits and penetration tests, executed by certified security service providers.





100 live Connections

Start adding bank data to your app with a single API call. Test the integration with 100 live connections for free.

  • Access to Account Information
  • Data Enrichment Platform
  • Comprehensive API docs
  • Unlimited test connections
  • 100 live connections
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$500+ Monthly

Unlimited Connections

Access our full range of products across thousands of institutions. Subject to usage-based fees starting from $500 per month.

  • Everything in Testing +
  • Standard Email and Tickets Support
  • Standard API agreement
  • Unlimited Live connections in Production
  • Service Layer Agreement
  • Data Protection Addendum
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Unlimited Connections

Get tailored solutions and customizations to our best-in-class suite of APIs.

  • Everything in Growth +
  • Custom integrations
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Hands-on implementation
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