Adhering to the highest industry standards and employing top-level sophisticated security mechanisms, Spectre API is the ultimate financial data aggregation and enhancement system. With the largest global presence and an innovative array of services, Spectre API addresses all of the client's technological needs, in the most professional manner.

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Financial Data Aggregation

Spectre API provides permission based access to customer accounts within a large number of supported financial sources. The data is supplied in a unified format making it easy for our clients to leverage it for the unique needs of their business. Implementing Spectre API brings the following benefits:

  • Global coverage, with 3173 connected financial providers in 61 countries all across the world
  • Access to multiple account types within the supported financial institutions, e.g. checking, savings, debit/credit, investment, etc.
  • Automatic transaction data categorization
  • Automatic and on-demand financial data update
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Transaction Categorization

Spectre offers a sophisticated built-in categorization engine which can expand the possibilities and efficiency of your platform. Add additional value to the imported data of your customers by offering them an organized view of their transactions.

  • Up to 93% categorization accuracy
  • 79 default categories: 18 parent and 61 child categories
  • Sophisticated self-learning engine based on machine algorithms
  • Available as a standalone Categorization API
  • Support of user-defined categories
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Merchant Identification

Discover new business opportunities with the help of Spectre API’s Merchant Identification. Open up new streams of revenue by using merchant data for multiple purposes from targeted marketing to personalized analytical reports for clients. Spectre API will assist you on that by identifying merchants and merchant related data, based on the customer’s spending history.

  • Merchant geomapping
  • Possibility to provide your clients with Card linked offers
  • Sophisticated self-learning engine based on machine algorithms
  • Make your marketing campaigns more effective and less expensive by knowing your target auditory better
  • Additional insights into your customer’s preferences based on their spending history
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Credit Scoring

Spectre API analyzes the customer’s financial data and enables you to go beyond classic credit scoring. Delve into day-to-day observation of a client’s financial flow and receive spending patterns based on past history.

  • Customer Inflow & Outflow comparison
  • Credit funds usage observation
  • Loan candidates risk assessment
  • Possibility to provide customer with financial advisory
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Digital Identification

Verify the client’s account ownership in a matter of seconds instead of days. Spectre enables you to know everything you need to know about your customer in a fast and efficient online environment, and helps you assess every risk that may be involved.

  • Facilitate the KYC procedure
  • Bank Account ownership confirmation
  • Bank verified data
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Global coverage across 61 countries and 3173 providers

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How integration works

We provide a lean and simple API, accompanied by explicit and detailed documentation with a wide variety of examples in different programming languages, as well as mobile SDKs for Android and iOS. A friendly testing environment, equipped with demo providers makes the integration process extremely time effective. On an average, the following 5 integration steps only take a couple of weeks:

  • Request a Demo
  • Receive a Sign Up Invite
  • Test/Integrate the API
  • Go Live
  • Unlock the Power of Big Data

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100 live Connections

Get started adding bank data to your app with a single API call. Test the integration with 100 live connections for free.

  • Account balance information
  • Transaction history and categorization
  • Merchant Identification
  • Comprehensive API docs
  • Unlimited test connections in Pending
  • 100 live connections in testing environment
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$500+ Monthly

Unlimited Connections

Access our full range of products across thousands of institutions. Subject to usage-based fees starting at $500 per month.

    Everything in Testing +

  • Account Holder identification
  • Email and tickets standard support
  • Standard API agreement
  • Unlimited live connections in Production
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Unlimited Connections

Get tailored solutions and customizations to our best-in-class suite of APIs.

    Everything in Growth +

  • Custom integrations
  • Priority Support
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Hands-on implementation
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