Spectre API

Spectre is the ultimate financial data aggregation API. Featuring global coverage, an advanced categorization engine and high-level security - it delivers automation and simplification to answer financial challenges

Innovative Data Aggregation

Our Aggregation API is designed both for startups and innovative enterprises, who need permission-based access and bank-level security to access their customers’ multiple account types including checking, savings, credit cards, e-wallets, money-market accounts, prepaid cards, investments, insurance, loans and mortgages – quickly and easily. Your FinApp can go global, by integrating Spectre API that supports thousands of financial institutions from 59 countries. The wide range of supported account types allows application developers to build FinApps for multiple market segments.

Transaction Intelligence

With features like new transaction data enrichment that includes merchant identification and localization, accurate categorization and simplified descriptions, consumers can identify their own transactions to prevent fraud or other malicious activity. On the other hand FinApp developers can track spending patterns and trends to better understand consumer needs.

Cutting-Edge integration technologies

Our engine supports OFX, HBCI bank standards, statement parsing (XLS, CSV, JSON), automated data feeds with at least 60-day transactions history period. Salt Edge leverages direct FI feeds and innovative data scraping technology to integrate new providers requested by customers.

Spectre API enables FinApp developers to redirect end users from web, mobile or desktop apps to the white label Connect Page without any problem. FinApps can also create their own connect page and link it directly to the API. Moreover, your clients have a unique possibility not to store credentials on the server side - providing your FinApp an additional security layer.

New Banks Integration Program

Providers’ list is updated and expanded on a weekly basis, bringing the most value to your customers. We’ve developed the New Banks Integration Program, which makes the integration process transparent and open for your clients. Your customers have a unique chance to suggest new providers and actively participate in the test phase of the integration process even before the official release.

Support that solves problems

Our support team is always here to reply to any questions which your customers might have. Furthermore, there is a dedicated Forum for end-users, where they can ask questions, make suggestions, find solutions to their problems or simply share their experience regarding bank connections.