Spectre API Security

Salt Edge understands that privacy and security of customer’s personal financial data is of paramount importance. Hence, our aggregation service takes security as a crucial matter, combining cutting-edge technologies and procedures to protect your customers from any kind of potential data breach or fraud

Bank-level security

Salt Edge adheres to the highest industry security standards to ensure the safety of customer data at all times. We employ regular security audits and penetration tests to ensure the integrity of the system. With credential tokenization and sophisticated encryption algorithms Spectre API is compliant with PCI DSS requirements.

Read-only service

We understand how sensitive the information the customers entrust us with is. Spectre API was developed with this thought in mind, designed to access the data in read-only mode. This way we ensure that at no time the customer’s account in the financial institution is manipulated in any way, or the financial data itself is modified.

Business continuity

Spectre API delivers a secure environment by separating production, staging and development zones and covering each stage with broad and scrupulous testing to ensure highest performance standards. This approach allows us to identify any potential irregularities and prevent them from affecting the system. Salt Edge has a Business Continuity strategy in place to ensure the availability and consistency of the service even during emergency situations and disruptive incidents. A team of well-trained professionals is ready to offer assistance at all times.

Disaster recovery

Salt Edge has developed and successfully employs the internal disaster recovery procedures and protocols. To ensure the stability of the service Salt Edge utilizes several physically separated data centers, with an additional backup server. All the vital parts of the system are duplicated and separated physically for any emergency situations. Ongoing monitoring procedures are in place to make sure nothing escapes our attention. Salt Edge regularly performs the testing of the procedures in place to make sure they are at all times relevant and up-to-date.

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