Fentury: White Label Retail Banking

Learn the means of making the transition from Traditional to Intelligent Banking: drive your customer engagement to new heights, get use out of big data, and create cross-selling opportunities.

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Spectre: Data Aggregation API

See everything that Spectre API has to offer: from banking integration and coverage, to an advanced categorization engine and merchant identification functionality, as well as KYC facilitation and Credit Scoring as add-on services.

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Priora: Open Banking and PSD2 ready solution

Discover new revenue streams and business strategies based on API technologies, technical challenges, and AISP/PISP flows to become fully PSD2 and Open Banking compliant.

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Product sheets


Financial Health Check API

Find out how the Financial Health API assigns a score to a loan applicant based on his transactions across all bank accounts. Learn the way a fast and secure channel of financial insights maximizes a lending institution's profits.

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Authenticator App

Salt Edge developed a product which completely replaces other authentication solutions, needed by bank and other financial services providers.

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Priora for banks

Priora PSD2 Compliance for Small and Medium Banks

The paper shows how Priora handles the mandatory сhanges needed to be made to the current banking infrastructure, on every level of PSD2 compliance, from the Legal Framework to the Implementation Process.

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Psd2 api hub

Spectre PSD2 API Hub

A paper that describes how TPPs can overcome the challenges triggered by PSD2 and Open Banking, and offers a smart and unique solution that helps them become global by reaching clients all over the world.

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Financial Categorization API

Categorization API transforms unclear and cluttered transactions, both personal and business, into meaningful insights that can be beneficial to financial institutions and their customers.

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Case studies


ING Direct Italy - The Retail Banking division

Learn Spectre API’s role in building ING’s innovative and automated solution for instant lending based on a flow of real-time business data.

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MoneyWiz - Personal Finance Management App

Read about how Spectre API, a sophisticated financial data aggregation and enrichment platform, helped MoneyWiz to optimize the operational process and to improve the user experience.

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Other resources

Security performance

Salt Edge’s Security, Privacy, and Performance

This paper aims to explain how Salt Edge ensures the security and privacy of the data it collects, stores and/or processes.


Press kit

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