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Salt Edge's company profile

Salt Edge was established with the vision to create a simpler and more transparent financial world. Discover how you can grow your business with open banking.

Salt Edge Partner Program

Learn about the unique Solution that allows Salt Edge Partner companies to unlock the power of open banking in a compliant way even in the absence of their own AISP licence, with minimal resources.

PSD2 Account Information API

Find out how PSD2 Account Information API enables AISPs to obtain aggregated data from end-customers’ payment accounts of any EU bank via a single API gateway.

Open Banking Gateway

Discover how you can take your business to an international scale using Open Banking Gateway. Get access to account information and payment initiation channels from 5000+ financial institutions in 50+ countries, via one API.

PSD2 Compliance Solution

Salt Edge offers a SaaS solution that fulfills all the PSD2 requirements, helping banks and EMIs to become regulatory compliant in
1 month or less.

PSD2 Payment Initiation API

Read about how Salt Edge Gateway connects PISP to any and all EU banks via a single API, so that end-customers can securely initiate payments directly from their PISP app.

Data Enrichment Platform

Go beyond simple data aggregation with such value added APIs as Categorization, Merchant Identification and Financial Health Check.

Financial Insights

Discover the ultimate solution to understand customers’ financial behavior that will help lenders, credit bureaus, banks to make better credit decisions.

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Authenticator App

Salt Edge developed a product which completely replaces other authentication solutions needed by bank and other financial services providers. Discover how Authenticator App will meet each SCA requirement and will help your institution become PSD2 compliant.

PSD2 Compliance Solution for Small and Medium Banks

Discover how Salt Edge can help you get full control of how third parties (AISPs and PISPs) access your end-customers' financial data. Become fully compliant with the PSD2 and Open Banking in just a couple of months.

Financial Categorization API

Categorization API transforms unclear and cluttered transactions, both personal and business, into meaningful insights from which financial institutions and their customers can greatly benefit.

Discover Case Studies

MoneyWiz - Personal Finance Management App

Read about how Spectre API, a sophisticated financial data aggregation and enrichment platform, helped MoneyWiz to optimize the operational process and to improve the user experience.

Oval Money - Personal Financial Assistant

Find out about the success achieved by the Oval app after Salt Edge provided its Financial Data Aggregation and Transaction Categorization API for tracking users’ expenses and earnings automatically from any type of accounts.

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Salt Edge’s Security, Privacy, and Performance

This paper aims to explain how Salt Edge, a ISO 27001 certified and PCI DSS compliant firm, has built a strong system that ensures security and privacy of the data it collects, stores, and processes.

Salt Edge Report: Open Banking Ecosystem in Testing Mode

Download the report to discover the current state of open banking in Europe, based on testing 2000+ PSD2 account information and payment initiation APIs in 31 countries against 39 criteria.

Salt Edge Report: State of Open Banking Payments in Europe in 2021

Discover the most common errors encountered during the payment journey, which are the countries with the best API availability, the improvements we’ve noticed in 2021, and much more.

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