Solutions for FinApps

Providing you with a set of market and user tested financial software tools, which will help you grasp a better understanding of who is your customer and how to cover his needs. Unify all their accounts in your App with the help of Spectre API, which is connected to 2500 financial providers in 55 countries.

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Benefit from advanced data aggregation, categorization engines and merchant identification

Get more in-depth Credit Scoring based on the user transactions history

Eliminate the possibility of fraud and gain additional insights into your customer by using Digital Identification

Help your users revamp their financial lives by implementing our Personal Finance Management tool

Don't stop there and implement our Business Finance Management tool, to improve the business of your customers

Create efficient and personalized offers based on data from our analytical and marketing tools

Account Aggregation and Data Enrichment

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Make your user demographic global by implementing Spectre API, which is connected to over 2500 financial institutions in 55 countries.

Improve your user experience by implementing merchant identification, credit scoring, digital identification, etc. Help your customers organize their financial life with a best-in-class transaction categorization engine and quick synchronization between accounts.

  • Account balance information
  • Transaction history
  • Transaction categorization
  • Merchant Identification
  • Account holder identification
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White Label Solution

Let your users benefit from our advanced financial software tools. Fentury White Label Solution is a modular and ready-to-use PFM.

Every piece of UX was developed with the user in mind and thoroughly tested.

  • White Label Services
  • Providing you with a ready-to-use customizable PFM platform.
  • Personal Finance Manager
  • Budgeting tools
  • Financial reports
  • Financial planning
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