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Simplify the Lending Process

Get access to a new channel of real-time financial data that helps to automatically verify applicant's identity, account number, income sources, and balance in real time. Evaluate more accurately the financial behaviour of the borrower based on his transaction history. Using Salt Edge Platform, you increase your profit while keeping the risk under control.

Salt Edge is connected to Open Banking channels, allowing lenders to initiate instant money transfers directly from borrower’s bank account anywhere within the European Union.

Key Industries

Installment Lenders
Payday Lenders
Equipment Leasing
Tenant Verification
Business Lending
Retail Finance
Guarantor Loans

All Bank Data in 15 Minutes

All Bank Data in 15 Minutes

Credit bureaus offer several months of outdated information about the borrower. With the Salt Edge Solution, you learn what’s going on with borrower’s financial wealth in real-time by accessing data directly from his bank accounts. You instantly unlock the power of Open Banking in a compliant way even in the absence of an AISP licence, and get daily access to borrower's transaction history.

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Account-to-Account Payments via PSD2 channels

Transfer money to your borrowers and receive loan repayments directly from one bank account to another. Get the most of Open Banking and eliminate the fees associated with payment value chain intermediaries.

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Insights: Data Enrichment Platform

Data Enrichment

Financial transaction data is often unintelligible, cluttered with letters, numbers, and symbols that make it difficult for financial institutions to make use of it. After extracting the data, our technology translates the confusing transaction data into clear and easy-to-read information; setting up the base for data enrichment and financial behavioral analysis. The Artificial Intelligence Machine smartly categorizes the data into tens of domains. Salt Edge Data Enrichment includes Personal and Business Categorization, Merchant Identification and Financial Insights.

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Improved User experience

Less time on filling in forms, no offline bank statement gathering, automate decision-making process, transfer money directly to customer’s account, schedule repayments.

Account Balance Verification

Automatically verify a loan applicant’s balance and transactions without requiring him to provide bank statements. This also reduces fraud risks, since all the information is acquired directly from the primary source (i.e., bank).

Account Holder Information

Reduce fraud by verifying end-customers’ identity against what is on file at the bank. Check the name, contact details and domicile address. Auto-fill forms using account holder info from his bank account details.

Enhanced Security

No need to stress about building a costly security system for handling end-customer credentials. Salt Edge has heavily invested in establishing bank level security which guarantees that your data is safe with us.

GDPR Compliance

Salt Edge provides lenders with a consent management system that ensures the full compliance with GDPR and PSD2. Salt Edge automates all the process for your company, ensuring that the consents are always up to date and the end-customers are notified in time.

Single Gateway to any Bank

Connect to over 3000 financial institutions in 60+ countries and get real-time data directly from end-customer bank accounts. Empower your customers to transfer money and schedule payments directly from your app within the EU, using Open Banking capabilities.

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Single Gateway

Security and Certification

Salt Edge is a leading global financial provider that adheres to the highest international standards of privacy and security. The company is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified, as well as PCI DSS compliant. Salt Edge performs regular internal and external vulnerability assessments executed by certified security service providers.


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